Bernard and Katherine wish you a

Happy Christmas 2022

and a peaceful and prosperous New Year

It seemed appropriate to be constructing this e-card in North Northumberland where the scenery on 14th December (when we first set to work - though there was the new website to tidy up, too) was beautiful, wintery and Christmassy: -7 degrees when we arrived.  Still, this year has brought us more than weather! October saw the arrival of a second daughter for Rachel and Ben, Bonnie Elizabeth Attenborough. She will be christened on 29th December in Uppingham School Chapel, where her parents were married in 2019. Rowen (now 22 months old) is very attentive to her little sister. Happy times for Nana and Grandpa!

August saw another momentous occasion. On 2nd Eleanor married her Merchant Taylors’ School colleague, Tristan, who had demonstrated his very good sense by proposing to her last Christmas Day. This was a small civil ceremony in the magnificent but intimate surroundings of Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London’s Threadneedle Street, followed by a superb lunch for 20, and then a trip on the London Eye.

The temperature in Central London was significantly over 30 degrees, but all were stoic. It was hotter still for the huge party that the couple then threw for family and friends at their place of work. A reiteration of vows was followed by the wedding breakfast in the cavernous (and, thankfully, relatively cool) School Hall, followed by dancing, merriment and an evening barbecue.


So what about this year’s music from us? Not a carol – but the special wedding song written for Eleanor and Tristan. Just click here or type in the URL:

There are specific references and in-jokes (of course!) so, if you want to understand more, the text is on the next page.

Love from both of us to all our friends and family, of whose importance we’ve been very aware in this happy year.




As Cakes go with Ale

(It was meant to be) 

For Tristan and Eleanor on their wedding days

2nd and 13th August 2022


When you first met, you were both transfixed.

And, soon enough, you became bewitched.

Sporting prowess met perfect pitch:

“You go together,” everyone said.


Last Christmas Day, he dropped to one knee,

Pulled out a ring, said, “Marry me!”

I always knew it was meant to be:

And today you’re getting wed.


You go together just as cakes go with ale,

As Oxford with Cambridge, just like Harvard and Yale.

 As stick goes with hockey, so wicket with bails.

As gin goes with tonic, as steam goes with sail.

Yes, you go together like white tie and tails,

Like Fortnum and Mason, like Merchant and Tay-lors.

Then I said something that I’d never quite said:

Surely it’s time you got yourselves wed.


You go together like fiddle and bow,

Like Brontë and Heathcliff, like pizza and dough,

As Jekyll’s to Hyde, so’s Brighton to Hove:

Like Darwin and Dawkins, as heel goes with toe.

Yes, you go together like cricket and pitch,

As Marks goes with Spencer, so Quidditch and snitch.

It’s my light-bulb moment, just like turning a switch:

It’s really high time that you got yourselves hitched.


You go together like the birds and the bees,

As Monty with Bruno, red wine goes with cheese,

Like Adam and Eve, and faggots with peas,

As cream goes with strawberries, much as Bristol with Leeds.

Yes, you go together like butter with bread:

It’s clear from the poems and the novels you’ve read.

It’s no time to stop: but go full steam ahead.

Don’t dilly or dally: just get yourselves wed.

Words and music by Bernard Trafford